Boot Camp/BodyShred

What is Boot Camp
Boot Camp is a Total Body Workout 
designed to reboot and recharge the body!

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 Boot CampYouth Boxing*Boot Camp Youth Boxing*
 Boot Camp 7am
 6am6pm  7pm6pm 

     BodyShred 8am 
Youth Boxing*  Youth Boxing*
Youth Boxing*
 6pm 6pm
     Youth Boxing* 
*Youth Boxing minimum age is 5 years old, children must be able to follow instructions. $25 per week.

Boot Camp/BodyShred* Rates:

$15 for a single class

$100 for 3 classes per week (monthly)

*BodyShred is a holistic, high intensity fitness program that successfully incorporates and synergizes the most current state-of-the-art fitness techniques into one comprehensive workout regimen.                           


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